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In and Out of Lines (inedito)

“… nella mia mente di cristallo, dove le rose fioriscono come lune rosse piene, nascono nuove righe che crescono in sfumature di arcobaleno’. (inedito ’In and out of Lines’)

In and Out of Lines

In and out of lines,
deep down
where waters hide
the golden shells,
the silver lies,
the unsaid faults,
forbidden thoughts,
the wishes drowned
and still alive

Over and above
the storms and brown sand skies,
the freedom sung,
frustration cried
on open chords,
those velvet swords,
hermetic ends
that never rhymed

Black and white
My eyes are falling
black and white
My mind is calling
Black and white
My life is rolling back tonight
On black and white

In and out of lines,
deep down
where waters keep
under blue ceilings
a love asleep
The untold story,
never sung ‘sorry’
reflecting now
on little sparklin’ waves

Black and white …

But the soft words, the soft words

In and out of lines
Inside my crystal mind
where roses bloom
like red full moons
My clouds and my dawns
my hands as I draw
new lines that grow
on rainbow shades